Enable Data To Drive Decisions

Our Solutions

Connect your existing data sources

Connect your current data from multiple systems to reveal trends and outliers. We deliver point and click web-interface reports that connect users from multiple departments to the same data to ensure that all decisions throughout an organization are made using the same inputs

Automated Data Collection

Healthy Analytics is able to automatically collect data from the web using multiple techniques (API, FTP, WebScrape, RSS feed) and store it in your organizations databases. Enhancing your data allows for greater predictions for your targeted outcomes. The more you have, the more you know.

Human Task Automation

Eliminating repetitive human processes through automation not only reduces costs, but allows your employees to focus their workdays on their highest and best use.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage machine learning principles to drive custom product creation. Make the processes and tasks conducted by your businesses its employees simpler and easier

Predictive Analytics

Data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence and statistics allow us to leverage the existing data we have to predict future outcomes. Applications can be seen in industries from FinTech to Healthcare.

Custom Web Development

With a dedicated front-end web development team, we enable your data and data solutions to be accessed in custom-built web interfaces. The time is now to move your data, reporting, and analytical capabilities to the web.

Fixed Bid Pricing

Have a business problem? Get the answer with cost certainty. Healthy Analytics identifies the business problem, delivers a fixed-bid price, and delivers for that price. Say goodbye to run-away projects that bill by the hour and deliver more questions than answers.